Calculating Your Lead Volume Target: Lessons from Captain Hook

Universal rules for B2B marketers aren’t all found in text books and seminars. Sometimes wisdom can be found (re-found) in the oddest places; even in cartoons.

Remember the villain in Peter Pan, mean old Captain Hook?  He was only scared of one thing, a ticking clock. (To be accurate he was actually scared of the alligator, but stay with me a bit longer.)

As B2B marketers we have to have a healthy respect for the ticking clock, the passing of time.  Time,  just like Captain Hook’s nemesis,  can bite us in rear end  if we don’t understand the critical importance of time in our lead-sales funnel.

You may be feeling pretty good about your lead volume target. You calculated the number of deals or orders required to reach the revenue goal. You looked at conversion percentages at key points in the funnel. You calculated the gross number of names that marketing programs need to put into the top of the funnel.  What’s so tough about that, you might ask?

You have stepped into a trap and the alligator is about to have you for lunch.  Don’t ignore the ticking clock.

Here’s an excellent article with tips on how to factor time into your lead volume calculation. It’s good reading for sales managers, too.  The folks at Math Marketing have been developing and testing best practices for sales funnel management for over ten years on 4 continents.

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