About Charles Besondy

This blog is a forum for sharing best practices about how B2B marketers and sales managers can work together to drive revenue for their companies more effectively and efficiently.

Charles Besondy is an interim marketing executive, strategic marketing consultant, Funnel Coach, author and speaker residing in Austin, Texas and serving clients across North America.

Besondy’s second blog,  One Riot – One Ranger, is devoted to the topic of interim management in the fields of marketing and sales.  He co-authored a book on the same topic called, “Leadership on Demand: How Smart CEO’s Tap Interim Management to Drive Revenue.”

His third blog, Revenue Intensity, is co-authored with Richard Eppel and focuses on helping sales executives align the processes and behaviors of cross-functional teams to better support sales effectiveness.

He is president of Besondy Consulting & Interim Management, LLC, an Associate of Cerius Interim Executive Solution, and a certified Funnel Coach in North America for MathMarketing of Melbourne, Australia.

You can contact him at cbesondyatBesondyLLCdotcom. (Formatted to limit email harvesting).


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