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Creating a Funnel-Driven Marketing Plan Your CEO Will Love

Will your next revenue  plan clearly show how marketing and sales will work together to implement the company strategy? Will it convincingly and mathematically model how the two organizations will apply tactics that advance enough buyers through the pipeline/funnel to achieve the revenue objectives? If your budget is cut by 20% before approval, can you quickly show the impact of that cut on demand generation and revenue generation?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions I urge you register for my October 3 workshop at DemandCon in Boston. Fittingly enough, the workshop is entitled, “Creating a Funnel-Driven Marketing Plan Your CEO will Love.”  This is a certified workshop for sales and marketing professionals that reveals advanced techniques and best practices for increasing revenue volume and velocity by using integrated and aligned funnel planning. It’s not just a planning process, it’s a an amazingly effective way to align sales and marketing for utmost effectiveness.





What Marketing Metrics Should be your Focus?

Here’s some sound advice for deciding  which metrics should be in your management dashboard. Having some guidance is helpful because let’s face it, there are a million thingswe as marketers could measure, somewhat less than a million things that we can measure, and really only a handful that are most meaningful to top management.

Jon Miller of Marketo discusses three categories of metrics in this interview video on CRM Software.TV (4 minutes).

  1. Lead quantity and quality
  2. Improving sales effectiveness
  3. Optimizing the marketing investment portfolio