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Is Your Sales Funnel Perfectly Designed for a Company in 1990 rather than 2013?

Buyers buy differently today and if your funnel doesn’t reflect how buyers buy, you’re probably falling behind your competitors. Indeed, the funnel management of many companies only covers about half of the actual stages through which a typical B2B buyer progresses. If you’re not properly managing the entire funnel a high percentage of potential deals are going to your competitors without your company even getting a chance at bat.

I recently recorded a webinar that is well-suited for Marketing and Sales managers. Click on the link at the end of this post to view the webinar.  It covers these topics:

    • Why it matters that you align your strategy, processes, and funnel stages to the Buyer’s Journey
    • The critical stages that are frequently overlooked
    • Funnel examples that align Sales & Marketing to the Buyer
    • Rebuilding your funnel model to learn the necessary funnel velocity

What can go wrong with funnel management – webinar


Preparing for Marketing Automation? Watch your Step.

“You want the truth; you can’t handle the truth!”  This was a line in Jack Nicholson’s famous court room rant in A Few Good Men (1992). Today for many companies the quote might be, “You want marketing automation; you can’t handle marketing automation!”

A Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) does for marketing  departments what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) does for sales organizations. If you’re unfamiliar with the term or technology check out Wikipedia or Marketing Automation Times.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding MAP. Some is hype. Much is factual. Marketers and their bosses are inspired by the encouraging results many companies are experiencing with the platform. However, most companies who have adopted a MAP struggle to use morBesondy marketing automation prepe than 25% of the application’s functionality, even after a year or so.

So, are you ready for marketing automation? It’s an important question because, frankly, a lot of companies don’t have “their act together” sufficiently enough to utilize MAP.  I asked Joseph Zuccaro and Steve Gershik, two savvy B2B marketers each with long pedigrees in marketing automation, to suggest how a company can tell if it’s ready for a MAP, or not.

You’re ready for marketing automation if most of these situations exist in your company.

  1.  When Sales and Marketing have agreed upon what constitutes a “qualified lead” and when marketing should relinquish it to sales for opportunity follow up.
  2. Your company has a repeatable process of creating and managing leads that can be automated.
  3. When the organization understands that “throwing another salesperson” in the mix won’t move the revenue needle enough.
  4. When the C-Suite understands that this is a platform implementation critical to success.
  5. You have senior management buy in with the understanding that marketing automation is a practice, not a one-off initiative.
  6. You have enough content produced for each of the segments you want to reach that automation can be an efficient way to publish and measure.

You’re not ready for marketing automation if any of these situations exist and cannot be changed before the MAP is licensed:

  1.  A majority of the marketing staff is dominated by creative/event planning/social media types.
  2. Marketing is viewed in a silo rather than integrated with sales.
  3. The IT department is very protective of its fiefdom and not forward thinking.
  4. You have no idea who your customer is, and your database proves it.
  5. There’s little ability or willingness to establish a process for managing the life cycle of a lead.
  6. Your company has a culture that prefers flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants rather than measuring what’s working and increasing the budget for those programs.

If you want more tips on the topic, check out my newest webinar, “Preparing for Marketing Automation: Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse,” on BrightTalk.

There is a growing ecosystem of marketing automation consultants and service providers that can help companies assess their MAP-readiness, and if ready, take the plunge. Many interim marketing executives have the background necessary to set up the processes and best practices, which form a solid foundation for a MAP implementation.

Tips for Transforming your Company’s Revenue Engine (Marketers, this is for you too)

There are common blocks to achieving revenue breakthroughs in any organization. By breakthrough I mean a result that is unexpected, unusual, BIG.

Those obstacles are:

  1. Market/product factors
  2. Time restraints
  3. Budget restraints
  4. Skill gaps
  5. Relationship gaps
  6. Process / technology gaps
  7. Alignment gaps

More than one obstacle  is usually present, but only one out of the seven tends to trump all the others in my experience.

On October 12 I’m co-presenting a free webinar that looks at how revenue breakthroughs have been achieved by aligning the culture and processes of Marketing and Sales.

Attendees will be given opportunity to calculate their Alignment Index during the webinar and estimate the costs of mis-alignment to their organization. We’ll also look at specific techniques that have been used very successfully to align the processes and culture of Marketing and Sales and the results.

If contributing to revenue growth excites you, and lack of alignment frustrates you please join us online on October 12 for this webinar. The event is sponsored by marketing automation vendor, Leadformix, but our program is not a pitch for marketing automation or any other technology.

My free offer to audit your funnel and project growth over 3 years

Do you have sufficient buyers in your funnel to achieve 2009 revenue objectives? What about your plans for 2010, 2011 and 2012? There’s a very insightful webinar on September 9 and September 10 you should consider. Plus if you attend the webinar I can offer you a free funnel audit. Details below.

REGISTER FOR SEPTEMBER FUNNEL FORUM: featuring guest speaker Jim Lenskold, author of ‘Marketing ROI’

Why not take just 45 minutes – in the comfort of your own office – to learn how to:

  • Predict – and change – the future using a simple model funnel
  • Use lead quality to increase profitability and marketing ROI
  • Use lead quality to drive your revenue objectives
  • Use predictive modeling to accurately forecast how many leads, meetings, proposals and deals you need to win
  • Use metrics to inform change


  • Hugh Macfarlane, MathMarketing
  • Jim Lenskold, Lenskold Group


  • 9th September – US Eastern Time 3.30pm
  • 10th September – Australian Eastern Standard Time 11.00am

Attend, and I’ll also offer you a free analysis of your current sales funnel. So, you get some action-packed insights PLUS some free consulting.

I’ll build a disarmingly clear model of your funnel that projects your growth over the next 3 years, based on your current effectiveness. The results will confront you, but also inform what you need to change if you want to see real results. We’ll present your funnel, our analysis and the identified gaps to you and your team so you can agree what needs to change.

Places are strictly limited – so please register to reserve yours right away.

Forget about Branding. Get Marketing Closer to Revenue.

If you are a B2B marketer reading this your job could be in jeopardy and you don’t even know it.  If you are a CEO or CSO you’ll see why you tend to be frustrated by the marketing function at your company.

Try this. Make a list of all the tactics your demand generation campaigns include. For each of the tactics make a note of what the objective is.

In most companies a majority of the list includes tactics devoted to “building name awareness”, “getting our name out there”, “positioning the brand against the competition,” etc.   Good enough,  but what about the tactics that move buyers into and through the funnel?

If Marketing’s primary focus is on branding, it isn’t doing enough to partner with Sales in driving revenue.

How should a company view the role of  Marketing in its revenue generation process? I suggest you register for free 45-minute webinar on July 29 at 2:30 EDT.  This webinar is being presented by MathMarketing, a thought-leader in the area of sales and marketing alignment. (I am associated with Math Marketing as  a Funnel Coach in North America).

Here’s what will be covered:

  1. The 4 most common reasons Marketing fails to deliver accountable results
  2. 3 proven steps to get Marketing and Sales on the same, revenue-accountable track

If moving Marketing closer to revenue is important to you I suggest you register today.

Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Results

In a lot of B2B companies marketing and sales aren’t on the same page and this creates a severe obstacle to efficient revenue generation. Just about everyone talks about the problem. Few have adopted methods that solve the problem and generate convincing results.

If you want to hear first hand the secrets of companies who got the alignment right and  are growing 5.4% faster than their industry counterparts, winning 38% more proposals, and churning 36% fewer customer every year I suggest you register for a free online Forum produced by MathMarketing. I’ve seen this 45 minute program and it certainly opened my eyes.

The initial event is May 20 in U.S. time zones, but registration is closed. The next event is June 17.  Here are the times

US Pacific – 12.30pm
US Mountain – 1.30pm
US Central – 2.30pm
US  Eastern – 3.30pm

Here’s the link to register (and I’m told “space” is limited; the May 20 event became fully subscribed in less than 2 weeks).