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Were your Q1 Sales Results Helped or Hurt by Departments outside of Sales?

This week Richard Eppel and I published a white paper to shed light on the impact that cross-functional processes and behaviors have on the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team.  “The Internal Forces that Empower or Impair Sales” helps the sales executive build a business case for improving culture and processes, including calculating the hard and soft costs associated with misalignment.

The paper is free to download at http://revenueintensity.com/wp3

The timing of the white paper is not coincidental. The books just closed on the first quarter of 2011. How are you feeling about the company’s revenue performance? If you are responsible for the revenue number, either as the company’s head of sales or as its CEO, are you totally satisfied that your revenue engine operated at peak performance? Or, are you frustrated that the entire organization wasn’t more effective and efficient at creating revenue growth?

Did the VP of Sales have to spend more time campaigning inside the company for better processes and support than he or she spent in the field with prospects and customers? If so, this is a warning sign that departments upstream from Sales—Marketing, Product Development, Operations, and Accounting—are not well-aligned with Sales and with the customer.

Download our new white paper to gain fresh insights for how to transform cross functional teams to better support Sales.


Tips for Transforming your Company’s Revenue Engine (Marketers, this is for you too)

There are common blocks to achieving revenue breakthroughs in any organization. By breakthrough I mean a result that is unexpected, unusual, BIG.

Those obstacles are:

  1. Market/product factors
  2. Time restraints
  3. Budget restraints
  4. Skill gaps
  5. Relationship gaps
  6. Process / technology gaps
  7. Alignment gaps

More than one obstacle  is usually present, but only one out of the seven tends to trump all the others in my experience.

On October 12 I’m co-presenting a free webinar that looks at how revenue breakthroughs have been achieved by aligning the culture and processes of Marketing and Sales.

Attendees will be given opportunity to calculate their Alignment Index during the webinar and estimate the costs of mis-alignment to their organization. We’ll also look at specific techniques that have been used very successfully to align the processes and culture of Marketing and Sales and the results.

If contributing to revenue growth excites you, and lack of alignment frustrates you please join us online on October 12 for this webinar. The event is sponsored by marketing automation vendor, Leadformix, but our program is not a pitch for marketing automation or any other technology.

World-Class or Dysfunctional? Calculate Your Alignment Index

A colleague and I have created what may be the first attempt to quantify alignment in Sales and Marketing. We kept it simple, but the calculation takes culture and process into consideration–something too many executives and consultants over-look in a rush to install a quick fix.

The purpose of the Alignment Index(tm) is simply to put a face and a cost on mis-alignment.

This short slide presentation gives more details about it. http://www.slideshare.net/cbesondy/alignment-score-4456019